Want to help create the next generation of technologists?

We build international mentor communities that provide resources for computer science education!


We train mentors to inspire learning.

Hackathons We provide support to student-run, 24-hour events in which participants collaborate on impactful projects using hardware and/or software with the guidance of our mentors, culminating in an expo!
Summer Camps We partner with camp organizations to provide unforgettable hacker camp experiences in which our mentors teach students how to program wearable devices, virtual reality games, drones, mobile apps, and robots.
Hack Hours In order to supplement classroom education, our mentors and venue partners team up to provide an afterschool experience for students that want to work on technology projects.
Enrichment Centers We create community hubs in which our mentors provide a safe environment for students to learn how to use hardware, attend workshops, and contribute to skillsharing.