Board of Directors

The Members of the Board of Directors are leading the hacker school-of-thought and are responsible for the standards set across all Hacker Fund operations.
Justin Brezhnev
Executive Director | The Cat
Previously at @MLHacks, @nextdoor, @lahacks
Lyndsey Scott
Director | The Octopus
Currently at @lyndsey360
Daniel Eckert
Board Chairman | The Dragon
Currently at @Drakontas, Previously at @Microsoft
Anand Capur
Director of Technology | The Wolf
Currently at @tangocard & @redeyeventures, Previously at @Amazon & @Microsoft
Shahan Khan
Director of Academics | The Panda
Currently at @polymailapp
Eva Zheng
Director of Community | The Elephant
Previously at @calhacks, @neighborly, @twilio
Varadh Jain
Director of Development | The Tiger
Currently at @polymailapp
Alex Cascante, CPA
Treasurer | The Suit
Currently at @PwC